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President Obama and House Democrats have pushed Immigration Reform to a vote in the House of Representatives. Democrats are invoking cloture (or a demand to take action on a bill), to force a vote on Immigration Reform.  The Immigration Reform currently blocked in the House of Representatives by House Republicans is similar to the Bill passed by the US Senate.

The Bill has many positive elements for those in the US without valid status -first granting them employment authorization and then eventually permanent residency.    It would also increase the amount of visas available in all categories.

As a reminder, the Bill does favor individuals who have an application in process, as persons in legal status and persons with applications in process will obtain permanent residency more quickly than those who depend on the general long term amnesty like provisions.  Contact your Congressman and tell them to vote for Immigration Reform - NOW!  

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For more information see:VOICE OF AMERICA

Christopher Kurczaba Kurczaba Law Office supports CBO study showing contribution of immigration reform to general economy


The Congressional Budget Office has released a new report concluding that passage of Immigration Reform by the House of Representatives will positively impact the American Economy adding over $1 trillion dollars to the US economy in the way of taxes and increasing job creation for all workers.  An influx of newly legalized persons will add to general economic demand and boost the economy.

For more information see:  CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE

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Christopher Kurczaba, lead partner at Kurczaba Law Offices PC has joined the New York Bar.  Christopher can assist you with all of your legal matters in Illinois and New York, and of course we concentrate in the field of immigration and real estate law.

Our law offices handle a variety of Immigration, Business 
& Real Estate matters including:
- Permanent Residency through family members 
- Permanent Residency through employers
fc- Citizenship
- Work visas for professionals and highly educated persons
- Work visas for intra-company transferees
- Work visas for performers
- Work visas for employees performing temporary work
- Visas for business persons entering the USA
- Defense Representation at Immigration Court
- Defense of actions against Immigration & Customs Enforcement 
- Representation before the Immigration Service 
- Appeals to the Immigration Service - US Citizenship & Immigration Services
- Appeals to the Department of Labor 
- Appeals to the Administrative Appeals Office
- Appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals
& other complex immigration matters
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We handle many different immigration matters including applications for permanent residency, US Citizenship, and various forms of visas including work visas- H-1B, H-2B, student visas - F-1, and other visa programs such as investor visas - EB-1, and intra-company transferees L-1 and religious worker visas - R. 
Our goal is to provide the optimal level of service while assisting our clients in making the right choices for achieving the proper immigration status. 
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