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Labor Certification Advance - Time to File is Now

The waiting time for an immigrant visa through labor certification- the process of being sponsored by an employer - has been shortened to 2 years.  This means that clients beginning the process should be obtaining permanent residency within 2-3 years.

This development marks the first time in several years that visa availability dates are taking as long as the actual processing times.

We remind our readers that the Labor Certification is where an employer files a job offer for an individual to be employed - either in a typical business situation - or even as a household worker (nanny, home attendant).

New Commercial Airs - Satisfied Clients

Andrzej Fonfara, Piotr Dziedzic, Agnieszka Jaworowska
are just 3 of the Satisfied clients of the firm who appeared in our new commercial to be aired on iTVN and Polsat over the coming months.

Immigration Court, Immigration Judge, Litigation, Kurczaba Law Offices, Kurczaba, defense, legal, law, deportation, removalImmigration Court Emergency Line 
For Emergency Arrest, Bond & Litigation Matters

Our clients facing detention by Immigration & Customs Enforcement ("ICE") or needing assistance in obtaining a bond or other complex litigation matter should call our office, (773) 774-0000, or when not available, our special Rapid Response Number (773) 600-2400.

When arrested by ICE - the number one issue is getting you or your loved one out of jail.  We assist individuals detained by ICE in negotiating a release from ICE detention, or seeking relief before the US Immigration Court. 


arrest, ICE, police, immigration consequences, immigrant, resident, Kurczaba Law Offices, Christopher Kurczaba, defensePersons arrested and convicted of crimes face increasingly serious controls both in the USA and when traveling.  Even persons who received suspended sentences or supervision are considered by Immigration authorities as having been convicted of the offense and can face serious consequences depending on the reason for their arrest.

If you've ever been arrested, and are a permanent resident, or otherwise in the US, contact our office for more detailed information as to the possible affect your past may have on you today, or when you apply for an immigration benefit or seek re-entry into the USA.

Christopher Kurczaba Lawyer licensed to practice in New York the base of American Immigration, New York, Illinois, Law, Legal, Immigration, immigration status, Statue of LibertyASSISTANCE NATIONWIDE

Christopher Kurczaba is a member of both the New York & Illinois Bars.   We can assist you with your Immigration Matters throughout the United States, but are additionally able to provide all legal services regarding issues in the States of Illinois and New York.

Our law offices handle a variety of Immigration, Business 
& Real Estate matters including:
- Immigration Court Litigation
- Bond Hearings
- Stopping the Removal/Deportation Process
- Assisting clients with criminal convictions navigate immigration matters 
- Permanent Residency through family members 
- Permanent Residency through employers
fc- Citizenship
- Work visas for professionals and highly educated persons
- Work visas for intra-company transferees
- Work visas for performers
- Work visas for employees performing temporary work
- Visas for business persons entering the USA
- Defense Representation at Immigration Court
- Defense of actions against Immigration & Customs Enforcement 
- Representation before the Immigration Service 
- Appeals to the Immigration Service - US Citizenship & Immigration Services
- Appeals to the Department of Labor 
- Appeals to the Administrative Appeals Office
- Appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals
& other complex immigration matters
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