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New Driver's Licenses?
What Do I Do NOW?

With the upcoming elections and stricter enforcement of Driver's Licenses Laws - what are immigrants to do?  The number one issue is to - stay legally in the USA if you can.  If you have a valid visa, it is imperative that you keep that visa valid or apply for a more suitable visa - Student, Employment, Training, Specialty Occupation Visa.  

If you have friends or relatives wanting to come to the USA -make sure they apply for the proper visa BEFORE they come.  Permanent residency can be obtained through a job offer within 18 months and applies to the worker and their entire family.  If your friends or family intend to stay and work - have them apply for a green card immediately and avoid the hassle and risk of potentially tougher immigration policies.  Persons can be sponsored through job offers in a variety of positions from non-skilled to highly skilled - domestic workers, nannies, truck drivers, carpenters, programers, business managers - the possibilities are endless.....

With the changing tide of immigration policies - it is critical that if you were thinking of applying for permanent residency, but haven't yet - the time to do so is now.  There are various programs under President Obama's Decrees that have made it easier to get a green-card.  The most important is 
  1. WAIVERS - Of illegal entries and overstayed visas if either of your parents or spouse is a permanent resident or citizen
  2. DACA - If you arrived in the USA before the age of 16 and are <30 years old, you can apply for special protected status for 3 years, obtain work authorization, and can even travel outside of the USA
  3. IMMIGRANT PROCESSING WAIT TIMES - have been reduced for many visa categories - especially if you are sponsored by an employer.  
  4. NONE OF THE ABOVE  apply and you no longer have a valid visa - you should at least begin the process of permanent residency.


We focus our services in practice areas where we can provide the optimal solutions to our clients.  Christopher Kurczaba is a member of both the New York & Illinois Bars.   Our office can assist you with Immigration Matters throughout the United States, but are additionally able to provide all legal services regarding issues in the States of Illinois & New York.

  • Permanent Residency through employers - Labor Certifications
  • Family based immigration
  • Waivers of illegal entries, overstayed visas, and other actions
  • Executive Orders including DACA & Advance Parole
  • Work visas for professionals and highly educated persons
  • Work visas for performers
  • Visas for business persons entering the USA
  • Citizenship
  • Immigration Court Representation - Removal Proceedings
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Business Formation
  • Business Consulting
  • Optimization of Corporate Entities
  • Investing in America
  • Defense of actions against Immigration & Customs Enforcement 
  • Appeals to the Immigration Service 
  • & other complex immigration matters

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