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The process of obtaining  permanent residency (green card) through a job offer- Labor Certification continues to be valid and has recently even expedited.  The wait for a visa has now been reduced to about 3-4 months for most countries including Mexico.  (not including China, India & Philippines) This process is an excellent way to help persons in the USA or residing outside the USA obtain permanent residency rapidly.  This process applies to the sponsored worker and their entire family.

So as visa processing times for family based immigration can be long, the process of obtaining permanent residency through labor certification can be an excellent much faster alternative.  In addition, persons can be sponsored through their family and through a labor certification at the same time, being able to choose whichever process is completed faster.

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A Hearing in New Orleans Appellate Court is scheduled to be heard at the end of April to review whether certain provisions of President Obama's Executive Order on Immigration are Constitutional.  Specifically, the programs for Deferred Action for Parents  of US Citizen and permanent resident children (known as DAPA) and the expanded program of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  

President Obama has also confirmed the other provisions of his Executive Order on Immigration are in full force and should be followed by Immigration Officials.  Most importantly, for many are the provisions that ICE, or Immigration and Customs Enforcement should prioritize the removal/deportation of convicted criminals.  

We will keep you updated as to the court's decision and when Immigration Officials will begin accepting applications. 


In reply to client's questions, below is a summary of recent developments - additional detail is available by selecting the link's below:

TRAVEL PERMITTED - Applicants for new programs who obtain advance parole documents will be guaranteed a return to the USA

INFORMATION PROTECTED - Information obtained in the program will not be used against the applicant unless they are convicted of certain crimes.

CALL TO PREPARE - Although no applications are yet available, please call to make an appointment so that we can start preparing your applications.   Programs requiring an actual application may take 180 days to implement.

The provisions affecting the most people include: 

Parents of US Citizens & Permanent Residents
 (of any age) who have been continuously present in the US since 1/1/10, and who pass background checks and pay taxes, will be eligible to apply for deferred action, which will permit them to work in the USA and avoid deportation. 

Waivers expanded - Excusing Illegal Entries and Expired Visas for Thousands
Persons sponsored (petitioned) by their US Citizen or lawful permanent resident (greencard holding) parents or spouses who have entered the USA without a visa, or have an expired visa will now be eligible to apply for a PROVISIONAL WAIVER. This waiver excuses immigration violations and permits the applicant to obtain consular processing of their permanent residency.  Contact our office for more details about this fairly complex but very beneficial provision.

Deferred Action Program for Children is Expanded
Eliminates the age cap, and changes the date that continuous presence must have started to 1/1/10.  Employment authorization will be granted for 3 years, not 2 as previously.  As previously, any information filed in such an application will not be used against the person to remove them from the United States.

Persons with Approved Visa Petitions through Employment who are in Status
Will be able to obtain the benefits as if they were able to immediately file for adjustment of status.  

Foreign Entrepreneurs
Certain investors will be able to be paroled into the U.S based on investments in businesses that create jobs.  

For persons traveling on Advance Parole -
Customs and Border Protection will be given clear instructions that they should honor advance paroles

Backlogs for persons waiting for immigrant visas should be reduced
The President instructed the Department of State to re-evaluate how visa numbers are being used with a view towards optimizing the number of visas issued.

Enforcement Priorities
Many of the existing memos on enforcement priorities and
prosecutorial discretion will be replaced by a new memo that will name three enforcement priorities, which will be operational immediately.

Expedited Removing Serious Criminals 
Convicted felons, people apprehended on the border; convicted of serious or multiple misdemeanors, and very recent entrants (entered after 1/1/14); or after 1/1/14, failed to leave under a removal order or returned after removal.

Ending Secure Communities Program - Where All Criminal Aliens were referred to ICE
Detainers will be discontinued for all except national security cases. Instead of detainers, there will be a request for notification when a law enforcement entity is about to release a convicted criminal.

More details will follow as the programs are revised by the White House and Department of Homeland Security.  We will create a future tab on this page with the latest updates.

Most of the programs above will be implemented over a longer period of time- for example, the Deferred Action Status for parents will probably be implemented over a 6 month time frame.

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Labor Certification Advance - Time to File 

The waiting time for an immigrant visa through labor certification- the process of being sponsored by an employer - has been shortened to 2 years.  

Labor Certification is where an employer files a job offer for an individual to be employed - either in a typical business situation - or even as a household worker (nanny, home attendant).

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